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Greene Lamp Welcomes New Deputy Director

Treshawna Gwendo
Thank You Greene Lamp!!

I am truly honored to be selected as Greene Lamp’s new Deputy Director. It will be a privilege to serve the best Community Action Agency in Eastern North Carolina. I thank you for trusting that I will uphold the mission and vision of Greene Lamp.  My job will be to execute the vision of the Executive Director, assist with enlarging Greene Lamp’s territories and to foster a culture of trust and mutual understanding in the Greene Lamp workspace. Knowing that for us together, our duty is to help the members of our communities to become self-sufficient. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Board of Directors for selecting me for this position. I am counting on your support to achieve the growth and goals charged to us. I accept this appointment with pride and I will give it my best efforts to make you not only proud of where you work but to try and put a little fun while we try to save the world! I will devote my time and myself to the obligations and duties of this position. Let’s not pray for tasks equal to our strengths; let’s pray for strength that’s equal to our tasks and we have some expectations beyond belief. It is my dream that we will transform these possibilities into triumph and success stories. Again, Thank you for selecting me as we embark on this journey together.



Tracy Stroud, Greene Lamp Board Member

Has been chosen for the 2019 Rising Star in the practice area of employment and labor law. Greene Lamp congratulates Ms. Stroud.

First Annual Employee Spotlight 2019

Beulah Hilliard
General Aid Greene Lamp Administrative Office, Snow Hill

Greene Lamp would like to recognize Ms. Beulah Hilliard for her 16 years with the agency. She has made sure the Greene County office has continued to run smoothly as she offered unwavering assistance to both community members and agency staff.
Thank you Ms. Beulah for your loyalty and commitment to Greene Lamp. Looking forward to many more years of working with you.

Congratulations New Employees of Greene Lamp

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