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Greene Lamp Welcomes New Human Resources Director

Carmen Mitchell-Cherry 




Carmen Mitchell- Cherry began her journey in Human Resources over 20 years ago at a local manufacturing company. In 2009, she walked into her destiny with Greene Lamp Community Action where she began her tenor as the WIOA/CSBG Receptionist and Program Assistant. Soon after, her work began to speak for her and she was promoted to WIOA/CSBG Program Assistant II. In 2015, she was afforded the opportunity to become Greene Lamp’s “FIRST” Data Manager for the Early Head Start program. After demonstrating her passion and commitment to her profession, community action, and Greene Lamp as a whole, she was promoted to the Executive Assistant.  While assuring the needs of the Executive Director were being met, Mrs. Cherry also began exhibiting her abilities to assure the needs of other employees’. As such, HR Generalist was added to her title along with Executive Assistant. As HR Generalist, Mrs. Cherry was determined to increase her knowledge relating to Human Resources by obtaining countless training hours to assure such.

In staying in line with making history as the “FIRST”, Greene Lamp Community Action is ecstatic to welcome Carmen Cherry as the new and “FIRST” Human Resources Director!

We are most excited as we look forward to her vision, faithfulness, and commitment to the establishing of a much-needed department, as she continues to walk into her destiny!!!


Congratulations Mrs. Carmen Mitchell-Cherry!


Tracy Stroud, Greene Lamp Board Member

Has been chosen for the 2019 Rising Star in the practice area of employment and labor law. Greene Lamp congratulates Ms. Stroud.

First Annual Employee Spotlight 2019

Beulah Hilliard
General Aid Greene Lamp Administrative Office, Snow Hill

Greene Lamp would like to recognize Ms. Beulah Hilliard for her 16 years with the agency. She has made sure the Greene County office has continued to run smoothly as she offered unwavering assistance to both community members and agency staff.
Thank you Ms. Beulah for your loyalty and commitment to Greene Lamp. Looking forward to many more years of working with you.

Message from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“If you can’t fly then run.

If you can’t run then walk.

If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968