N.E.G Hurricane Program

  The Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Program (HFDREP) since its inception in September 2018,  has consistently changed many lives who were impacted by Hurricane Florence.  Many residents from the 9 counties we serve have lost homes, cars, clothes, sentimental items that cannot be replace and jobs.

Initially classified as a category 4 hurricane. Made landfall on September 14, 2018 as a category 1 hurricane. North Carolina alone was forecaster to receive 9.6 trillion gallons of rain, enough to cover the entire state in 10 inches of water. September 16, some areas receive as much as 34 inches of rain from September 13 to September 16. September 17, 2018, floodwaters continue to rise, blocking 1,200 roads in North Carolina. Tornadoes are prevalent across North Carolina and Virginia. Florence is downgraded from a tropical depression.

Many businesses were closed temporarily or permanently by Hurricane Florence, which caused many residents to look for work in other counties and yes, even other states.  Because of the Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Program (HFDREP), we have been able to employ dozens of North Carolinian s.

Assist local recovery efforts through clean up and repair of facilities, and humanitarian assistance in counties impacted by the disaster. Twenty-eight counties declared a Federal Disaster Area and determine eligible for Public Assistance. Helping residents of these communities get back to work has enabled many people to get back on their feet and sustain their households and help stimulate the economy in some of the hardest impacted counties such as Craven, Duplin, Jones, Onslow and Pamlico, just to name a few.



Mrs. Vanessa Bell, who lives in Pamlico County, is employed with the County Manager’s Office in Pamlico.  She has been an intricate part of helping residents in Pamlico County complete their grant forms to obtain subsidies to help repair their homes from the storm.  Her Supervisor, Courtney Norfleet with the County Manager’s Office states, “Vanessa has been a joy to work with and she is so efficient with her work and very personable with the public”.  She is a candidate for an opportunity to be hired on permanently.

Mr. Earl George, who lives in Craven County, is employed with the Craven County Convenience Sites.  He helps operates the dumpsters for Hurricane Florence debris.  His Supervisor, Glenn Eborn states, “Earl is a hard worker and is getting along just fine”.

Kevin Kesterson, Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Employment Specialist

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Email: kkesterson@https://greenelamp.org

Chantel Dunn, Hurricane Florence WIOA Program Specialist

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Email: cdunn@https://greenelamp.org